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Dear Member,

Following the AGM of the Association on the 20th November 2015, I am delighted to confirm the appointment of the following members to the Committee:-

Steffan Groch

Vice Chair
Gerard Forlin QC

Sean Elson

Crispin Kenyon

Vice Secretary
Amy Sadro

Media & Communications Officer
Dewi Ap-Thomas

Events Officer
Georgia Lythgoe 

Events Officer
Tim Hill

Bulletin Editor
Austin Stoton

Deputy Bulletin Editor
Colin Moore

Public Affairs Officer
Simon Joyston-Bechal

Scottish Chair
Laura Cameron

Scottish Liaison Officer
Oliver Campbell

This year we are looking to use the budget from membership fees to hold even more events [with guest speakers] as well as increasing the online technical resources available to members.

Yours sincerely

Steffan Groch
Health and Safety Lawyers’ Association